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What was the cause of teddy pendergrass death?

On June 5, 2009, Teddy Pendergrass underwent successful surgery for colon cancer and recovered to return home. A few weeks later he returned to the hospital with respiratory i (MORE)
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Taz Lang was a friend of Teddy Pendergrass?

  Yes. She was Teddy's manager and girl friend who was killed early in TP's career,   Taz Lang was Teddy's manager in the mid 70's. She was murdered in 1976. Her killer (MORE)

Why was Teddy Roosevelt called Teddy?

Its just short for Theodore (Ted, Teddy). it came from when he was out hunting and he saw a bear with its baby cub and he refused to shoot the bear because of its cub, which (MORE)
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How was teddy bear pendergrass paralyzed?

  He was driving and his brakes failed. He did later sue Rolls Royce for the brake failure.   He was driving and his brakes failed. He did later sue Rolls Royce for the (MORE)
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Why are teddy bears called teddy?

Teddy bears are named after the American President Teddy Roosevelt. He spared a bear on a hunting trip and this was publicised. A toy maker made a bear in honour of that and b (MORE)

What is a Teddy Boy?

  In England, during the '60's and perhaps even today, a "Teddy boy" was what they called their street punks. Pretty much like the street punks of the U.S. They're the one (MORE)

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