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Why do you have to brush your teeth?

because it improves your health by getting rid of germs..It also aids in visual appeal. . answer 2 If you don't brush your teeth, a 'film of plaque bacteria' will build up ove (MORE)

Which teeth are called tearing teeth?

There are four main types of teeth. Each has a slightly different  shape and function. The canine teeth in the corners of your mouth  help you tear food. Also called cuspids (MORE)

Can dentures teeth can be implant teeth?

It primarily depends on your anatomy and your occlusion (bite). If you want a couple of implants to stabilize a complete denture, that is an entire different scenario than if (MORE)

Is teeth whitening bad for your teeth?

No... You can get your teeth professionally whitened by contacting  professional dentist. Properly done, teeth whitening can make a  difference by removing the unsightly sta (MORE)
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Why do we have teeth?

Teeth allow us to divide and chew our food into smaller bits, which are then predigested by our saliva before entering the stomach to begin actual digestion. In animals, tee (MORE)