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What is teething?

Teething is the process in which a baby's teeth start breaking through their gums and growing outwards. This is likely to make them uncomfortable, and drool quite a bit, and i (MORE)

What do your teeth do?

The teeth tear, chew, and grind food so that digestive fluids cancombine with it. Teeth are also used for other purposes, including bitingfingernails, opening packaging materi (MORE)

Why do we have teeth?

Teeth allow us to divide and chew our food into smaller bits, which are then predigested by our saliva before entering the stomach to begin actual digestion. In animals, te (MORE)
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What if there are no teeth?

If a person has no teeth, this does not necessarily have to be a problem. If a person has no teeth, they can get dentures, or they can eat soft foods.
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Do I have teeth?

If you look at your mouth and see white/pale grey square blocksthen yes, you have teeth