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What does telco-agnostic mean?

This is a nonreligious use of the word 'agnostic'. It means, essentially, that a service is independent of any individual mobile network, and will (or should) work with any of ( Full Answer )
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Does telco breakdown cover a robbery?

Prices vary greatly on current comprehensive breakdown policies. Tesco Personal Finance offers these policies, however you will need to contact them to inquire as to whether t ( Full Answer )
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What DVDs does telco make and sell?

This company provides DVD rentals in broad genres. They have everything from documentaries to self help DVS and movies for a cheap membership fee of 4.47 pounds a month.
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What does the Telco company do?

Telco company designs a solution in other for the network to create a service with another network. Telco also provides telephone services. Telco tries to find solutions to pr ( Full Answer )