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What is a telegraph?

Originally before we were able to send voice massages by telephone or radio messages were sent through wire using code made up of combination of long beeps and short beeps tha (MORE)

What does the telegraph do?

The telegraph sent messages by wire from local to intercontinental  distances, using the Morse code or long and short electrical  pulses. A short letter sent by telegraph, a (MORE)

What did the telegraph do?

It helped communication for far distances and it also created Morse code. Source: Holt, United States History Independence to 1914, Deverell and White. Pg. 364-5 "In 1832, Sa (MORE)

What is the telegraph?

The telegraph was the "talking wire" made by Samuel F. B. Morse (like Morse Code). It had Morse Code in it and sent messages through dots and dashes. -- Telegraph was an ea (MORE)

What is a telegrapher?

A telegrapher is a person who operates a telegraph. Think of the Western or other movies you've seen where a person, usually a man, is operating a key with one hand that is se (MORE)

Inventor of telegraph?

While most textbooks credit Samuel F.B. Morse (1791-1872) with inventing the telegraph in the late 1830s, there were actually several other inventors working on it at the same (MORE)

Who developed the telegraph?

In 1809, a crude telegraph was invented in Bavaria by Samuel Soemmering. He used 35 wires with gold electrodes in water and at the receiving end 2000 feet the message was read (MORE)