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What is teleological approach of study?

The teleological approach demands that the courts give preference to the construction that gives effect to the spirit of the legislation, and not its purpose only. Therefore c (MORE)
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What is Teleology?

Teleology is the study in evidences of design in nature. A  teleological approach refers to the idea of freewill that things  are goal directed. Teleology can also mean as t (MORE)

What is the concept of teleology?

Teleology is a study of the concept that things have purpose. The word comes from a Greek word meaning a study of end, purpose.   It concerns itself with evidence of des (MORE)
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Advantages of teleology?

Teleology is a philosophical concept that the ends justify the  means. Some of its advantages are proactivity, conviction,  compromise and the common good.

What is the teleological argument?

"Telos" is the greek word for "purpose". According to the Teleological Argument, all things have a purpose and they are designed to fit for that purpose. For example the Univ (MORE)

What is - Teleology?

teleology is the philosophical study of design and jerelyn bagallon / 7.5.09 Moral correctness is determined by the goodness or the badness of actions
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What does teleological mean?

Teleological means describing events as happening for purposes, for example, the sun shines in order to keep the Earth warm; the non-teleological version would be that the sun (MORE)

Where can you study teleology?

If you are looking for an organisation that I feel sure will be able to point you in the right direction I would suggest that you get in contact with the "theosophical society (MORE)
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What are the cons of the teleological argument?

o The designer might not be God o All of the suffering in the world can't have been intentionally created - and so, the universe wasn't created o Why would a benevolent God (MORE)