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How does teleology and entelechy unite to support ontology?

Teleology is the the Aristotelian concept that everything has a final cause, and end to works towards. "Telos" is the idea of a a thing acting on its unique capacity for funct (MORE)

What does the word teleological mean?

The word teleological means of or pertaining to ends, goals or purposes. The teleological argument is an argument for the existence of God, which begins with the allegedly em (MORE)

What are the Teleological and cosmological arguments?

Both are arguments for the existence of god. They are both similar. The teleological argument, or argument from design posits that there is a god or designer based on the ap (MORE)

What is teleological approach of study?

The teleological approach demands that the courts give preference to the construction that gives effect to the spirit of the legislation, and not its purpose only. Therefore c (MORE)

What is an example of a teleological ethical theory?

Animal Testing- this is an interesting answer because it could not be also defined as consequential. The moral choice here is to put an animal through pain, or to not. Basic (MORE)

What is teleological perspective?

  A teleological perspective aims at answering questions in form of what end/purpose the thing being talked about aims at, its final result. For example, what is the tel (MORE)

What is teleological ethical theory?

Ethical theories are divisible into those about persons (ethics of character or virtue or being) and those about actions (ethics of doing). "Telos" is the Greek word for "end (MORE)

What is a teleological ethical theory?

  Ethical Decision-Making in Physical Therapy     By Susan McPhail Wittjen, PT, PhD     Teleological theory (consequences)   The word "teleology" (MORE)
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What is Teleology?

Teleology is the study in evidences of design in nature. A  teleological approach refers to the idea of freewill that things  are goal directed. Teleology can also mean as t (MORE)
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What does teleological mean?

Teleological means describing events as happening for purposes, for example, the sun shines in order to keep the Earth warm; the non-teleological version would be that the sun (MORE)