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Why do twins have twin telepathy?

In the case of identical twins, they look alike, wear the same size clothes, may even share a physical disability ( for example both might wear eyeglasses- and probably the sa (MORE)

What is Synthetic telepathy?

Synthetic telepathy is term that defines telepathy with the help of computer program translate brain state to words and send voices to the brain back in the speed of light, al (MORE)

What is a sentence for telepathy?

The word telepathy is a noun, a word for the direct mental communication or mind-reading. Example sentences: The common theory is that twins share some form of telepathy. (MORE)

Is telepathy supernatural?

Supernatural refers to anything beyond what is beyond nature. Since telepathy is not natural it is clasified as a supernatural event.
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What is telepathy?

It is the ability that allows two people to communicate using the  power of thought (i.e. not using physical communication methods).  In fiction, this is extended to control (MORE)

How can you get telepathy?

Type your answer here... The first question to answer is if telepathy is real. My answer is it can be.There is no certain method on how to acheive telepathy, I could sit here (MORE)

How do you use the word telepathy in a sentence?

(Telepathy is direct mental communication or mind-reading.) A common belief is that twins share some form of telepathy. As if by telepathy, the doctor knew what the patient (MORE)

What is the the distance for communicating through telepathy?

  Telepathy knows practically no limit in distance anywhere in this universe. The psi energy used in telepathy has a mass that could be measured if we had the technology f (MORE)
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Do unidentical twins have telepathy?

Hmm, people say that everybody can perform telepathy with the one who they're close with. So you can try it!
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