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Who created the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the modern telephone after years of  working with the deaf. His studies in sound led to a contract to  develop an "acoustic telegraph" and his (MORE)

What is a telephone conversation?

  A talk that is held between 2 or more people on telephones. Conversation is talking between 2 or more people.
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What did the telephone do?

It speed up the communication. It created a new channel for long  distance communication, instead of letters which requires long time  to deliver and may become lost.
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Where and how was the telephone invented?

According to the famous story, the first fully intelligible  telephone call occurred on March 6, 1876, when Bell, in one room,  called to his assistant in another room. "Com (MORE)

What is a telephone?

A telephone is another name for a 'phone' or a 'mobile' or even a 'cell', which are all slang terms for the telephone. A telephone is a communication device used between two (MORE)

Uses of telephone?

use in communicating it depends if it is a cell or home phone...  cell donate it to a charity to help the less fortunate have the  access to call 911 in emergencies you call (MORE)
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Is telephone a noun?

Yes, the word 'telephone' is both a noun and a verb.   The noun 'telephone' is a word for a device used to  communicate from one place to another, from one person to anot (MORE)