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What is a telephone?

A telephone is another name for a 'phone' or a 'mobile' or even a 'cell', which are all slang terms for the telephone. A telephone is a communication device used between tw (MORE)

What is the telephone for?

The telephone was invented to allow communications with people who are not right there with you. You can make calls all around the world.
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What can telephones do?

Telephones are used to transfer audio tones over copper wire. Giving us the capabilities to communicate especially in long distances. With the telephone cabling system we are (MORE)

What is a telephone for?

Telephone (from the greek word "tele" far and "phone" voice) is used to conveniently communicate especially in long distances. Answer Telephone keep us connected to people i (MORE)

What does the telephone does?

  The first telephone was made with the knowledge that sound gave off waves due to vibrations, like the ripples in water. These sound waves were copied over onto carbon g (MORE)

How and what does the telephone do?

Telephone cable wire is used as the medium for internet connection. With the incorporation of the internet and the telephone technologies, we can now conveniently and cost eff (MORE)

Do you have a telephone?

yes, every family should have one or somesort of machine to communicate each other with. Answer Telephone is the life blood of a business. The right kind of the phone syst (MORE)
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How do I get a Telephone?

You can buy a telephone set from store who sell electronic devices.Then look for a provider who could give you the telephone connection. If you own a business or have an offic (MORE)