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What is a telescope?

A telescope is an optical instrument comprised of a series ofmirrors or lenses in order to gather more light with a higherresolution and magnification than the naked eye. It i (MORE)

What does a telescope do?

A telescope does two things. It gathers light from faint distant objects and it magnifies those objects. There are different telescope designs to do this, but the basic idea (MORE)

What is a disadvantage of radio telescope telescope?

The main disadvantage of a radio telescope is the poor resolution of the images they obtain. This isn't due to a flaw in the design, but in a limitation of the radio signals t (MORE)

What does telescopes do?

Telescopes can let you see things that are far away. MMMMMMOOOOMMMMMMAAAAAYYYYYY11177777777 Telescopes are used to seek out specific stars, planets, nebulas, comets, et (MORE)

What kind of telescopes are radio telescopes?

radio telescopes are telescopes that detect radio waves. they also have ti be much larger then optical telescopes because radio wavelengths are about 1,000,000times longer tha (MORE)