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What is a telescope?

A telescope is an optical instrument comprised of a series of  mirrors or lenses in order to gather more light with a higher  resolution and magnification than the naked eye (MORE)
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What is refractor telescopes?

There are two basic optical designs--. Refractors, which use solid glass lenses to focus the light,. Reflectors, which use (mainly) reflecting mirrors to focus light.. Many (MORE)

What is a disadvantage of radio telescope telescope?

The main disadvantage of a radio telescope is the poor resolution of the images they obtain. This isn't due to a flaw in the design, but in a limitation of the radio signals t (MORE)

How do telescopes function?

Well I know how a Reflection Telescope works. It takes the object your looking at let's say Mars and puts it through a series of mirrors usually two and magnifies it so it app (MORE)

What is a computerized telescope?

It is a telescope with a mount that has a GoTo system in it. It is like a small computer that you put in what object you want to see (eg. The Orion nebula) and then the telesc (MORE)

What is dioptric telescope?

Dioptrics is the study of the refraction of light, especially by lenses. Telescopes that create their image with an objective that is a convex lens (refractors) are said to be (MORE)

What is a definition of telescope?

Noun: An optical system used   to make objects, especially distant objects, appear larger/closer. Verb: To shorten, consolidate, or condense by nesting components.
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What kind of telescopes are radio telescopes?

radio telescopes are telescopes that detect radio waves. they also have ti be much larger then optical telescopes because radio wavelengths are about 1,000,000times longer tha (MORE)

Who is the creator of the telescope?

there are three main creators of the telescope. One of them is Hans Lippershay of Middleburg. Another one of them is Jacob Metuis also born and raised in middleburg. The last (MORE)

What kind of telescope is a reflecting telescope?

A reflecting telescope is one type of optical telescope. It is used in the "optical" range of light, which is the range we see in. The other type of optical telescope is the r (MORE)