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What are televisions?

Televisions are metal boxes that give you television programmes. The use up energy a lot! Inside, they have a tuning chip for the volume, a signition chip for the signal and a (MORE)

What are televisions for?

A television set is an appliance. The electronics it contains makes it possible for the appliance to display moving pictures and sound. Every television set is configured diff (MORE)

Is the Craig TV a good TV?

Craig TVs are budget models and are sold at far lower prices than the premium brands. Don't expect them to have the same array of features found on more expensive brands and a (MORE)

How do television companies get money from tv ratings?

If many fans like the shows the company distributes, the tv rating companies PAY them to air, because if the shows aren't funded, the fans get mad, and go straight to the tv r (MORE)

What is a LED tv and a LCD tv?

A LED tv is a LCD tv with LED backlighting. non led lcds have CFL backlighting or such (compact fluorescent LED tv's are different because they can be thinner and have a m (MORE)

What is a Television?

a box with pictures that are connected to the world wide set a square box that shows colorful pictures when it's on and it produces sound so you can hear. it's very entertain (MORE)

How do you get TV?

you can get a tv by going to the thrift store ,wal-mart, Kmart and a lot more places
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