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How do you get on tv?

There are many different TV shows and TV formats. I have visited a website that seems to be growing day by day as more people are asking about how they can get on tv for dif (MORE)

Were do you get a tv?

You local electronics store will have tv's for sale as well as your neighborhood Wal-mart. You can also look online as many web stores have cheap deals on tvs.
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What can TV do to you?

Watching too much television decreases brain activity. Activities such as reading and studying actually help to increase brain function.
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How do you get TV?

you can get a tv by going to the thrift store ,wal-mart, Kmart and a lot more places
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What do you have to do to be on TV?

first, thing you have to make or form a band or you just do solo then you have to practice alot then you could sing in school or maby if your you're parents have a self owned (MORE)