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What is your favourite tv program?

home and away,neighbours,csi,glee,ugly betty,greys anatomy,desperate housewifes are my favourite programs and prison break used to be my favourite program and my sisters favou (MORE)

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Who decides how a TV program is rated?

Parental ratings for TV programming is determined by broadcast and cable networks, on a voluntary basis. The current TV parental guidelines went into effect in 1997. The ratin (MORE)

What is the TV program 'Family Guy'?

Family Guy is an American animated television series created by Seth McFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Griffin family, a dysfunctional fami (MORE)

How do you record a TV program to a computer?

To watch or record TV on your computer, you must have three things: A TV tuner There are many types of TV tuners, from expansion cards known as TV tuner cards to external TV t (MORE)

What is the name of this TV program?

It's kind of hard to explain but basically: There was a shooting at a school and they find a suspect in the bathroom - and two other dead kids. They take him in and it turns (MORE)

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