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What is telex-connect?

Answer . It's a device that enables users to send shore-to-ship messages by telex, e-mail or from a web.. Hope this helps!
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What is telex?

If you mean a telex machine, it has a keyboard like a typewriter and also has a printer. That is why it is also known as a "teleprinter". If you know someone you want to send (MORE)
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When was the telex invented?

Telex was invented in 1981. Telex is a basic two-way teletypewriterthat sends notification and communication from one person toanother.
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What is the telex number?

is a telex pin number is the same as your bank pin number that you used for your personal account
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What are the advantages of telex?

The advantage of telex is that when the message is sent, therecipient receives a receipt to confirmed by the answerback. Thetelex has been replaced with the fax machine, but i (MORE)
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Who invented the telex?

I believe the German Siemens & Halske company had something to do with it. they did originate in Europe and were adapted to both landline ( like Western Union) and radiotelegr (MORE)
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What are telex machines?

The telex service is an international network of teleprinters, which can exchange written information and data directly with one another in nearly every part of the world. Tel (MORE)
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What does telex-release mean?

A telex release is simply a message that is sentby the shipping line or agent at load port to their office or agentat discharge port advising that the shipper or exporter ha (MORE)
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What is advantages and disadvantages of telex?

telex has almost disappeared, superseded by the fax machine and email. The advantage over telegraph is that ordinary people could read the output (Latin alphabet cf. Morse c (MORE)
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What does key tested telex transfer?

Which financial institution in Singapore are still operating the Key Tested Telex system to transfer funds from the overseas