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What is a telomere?

A telomere is the structure at each end of a chromosome. It consists of an area of highly repeated DNA combined with protein. Its main function is to protect the end of the ch (MORE)

What is the function of telomeres?

A telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a  chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from  deterioration. Its name is derived from the Greek nouns (MORE)

What are telomeres and why are they important?

Telomeres are specialized DNA structures that are present at the end of each chromosome. They protect chromosomes from fusing together as well as from shortening. This maintai (MORE)

What is the function of the telomere?

Telomeres are long sequences of DNA at the end of a chromosome that are not duplicated . They protect the ends of chromosomes from deterioration or from fusion with neighbori (MORE)
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What is the link between telomeres and aging?

Telomeres shorten with each cellular replication; telomere length is inversely proportional to age. While telomere extension does tend to make cells "young again", telomere ex (MORE)
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What are Telomere?

Chromosomes consist of two arms that extend out from a specialized region of DNA , called Centromere. Centromere or primary constriction gives a particular shape to chromosome (MORE)
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What are facts about telomeres?

There are many interesting facts about telomeres. It is a region of very repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome. They are usually only active in germ cells. Telomeres are m (MORE)
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What are telomeres?

They are the regions at each end of a chromosome where there are aseries of repetitive nucleotide sequences that prevent thechromosome from deterioration, or from fusion with (MORE)