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What does the prefix telo- mean?

"Its tele, meaning far." Actually the prefix "telo-" means end. So, in the Cell Cycle, telophase is the last part of mitosis or the telomere is the end of a chromosome. Hope t (MORE)

What does telos skopeo mean?

The word 'telescope' derivates from the Greek words 'tele', which  means 'far' and 'skopein', which means 'to look'. The first was  first used by Greek mathematician Giovann (MORE)

How much does Michel telo get paid?

    Michal telo the brazilian singer gets paird various amounts of money.   during his few months of fame due to his song Ai Se Eu Te Pego he made a sum of $6.2m th (MORE)
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Is Michel telo dead?

No, Michel Telo is not dead as of 5/18/2014. Michel Telo is a  Brazilian singer-songwriter and was born on January 21, 1981. He is  currently 33 years old.