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What is Telugu?

Telugu (తెలుగు) is one of the Major languages spoken in India. It is the largest spoken south Indian language and third largest spoken in India. More than 13 cro (MORE)
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Mouse in telugue?

  a mouce is called chunchu in telugu. it is also belongs to rat family only but comaparitively smaller in size than normal rat i.e eluka in telugu. but if u are asking ab (MORE)

Can i call you in Telugu?

mimmalni nenu telugulo pila-voh-chha? (Can I can you in telugu) Answer might be for this is " pilavandi, parvaledu" Next question may be " What to Call" ( Yeh-mani pilavali?) (MORE)

When is Telugu day?

Telugu Day is celebrated on 1st November. It is one of the important languages in India.
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