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What is a sentence with the word temerity?

The student had the temerity to tell her professor that his conclusions were wrong. With the temerity of youth, the teen drove the curving road at a dangerous speed.
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Use temerity in a sentence?

A few of the ladies had the temerity to call, but none were received, and the only sign of life about the place was the Negro man... . William Faulkner
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A sentence with temerity?

Example sentence - Cassie continued with temerity as she judged people she did not know.
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What is the definition of temerity?

Synonyms: assurance, boldness, brass, carelessness, daring, effrontery, foolhardiness, forwardness, gall, hardihood, hastiness, heedlessness, impertinence, impetuosity, imprud ( Full Answer )
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How do you put temerity in a sentence?

Temerity means total boldness . A sentence using it is: . The girl raced down the street with total temerity, knowing that she would win the race against her sister. . Hope ( Full Answer )
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Use temerity in sentence?

You have the nerve, the temerity, the audacity to ask me to give you a ride to the party--you haven't even started your chores yet!
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What does the term temerity mean?

Temerity is an English word that means excessive confidence, audacity or authority. It often has a more positive connotation then boastful or arrogant.
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What are the release dates for The Temerity of Zim - 2008?

The Temerity of Zim - 2008 was released on: USA: 9 March 2008 (South by Southwest Film Festival) (premiere) USA: 4 April 2008 (Vail Film Festival) USA: 23 May 2008 (Sea ( Full Answer )
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Who was the President of Brazil before Michel Temer?

Dilma Vana Rousseff was the President of Brazil before MichelTemer. She was the 36th President of Brazil from 2011 January 1 to 2016August 31, and the first woman president ( Full Answer )