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What are templates?

"Templates" can have different meanings, depending on the application of a "template". Normally, as far as computer usage goes, templates are considered as files (or "skeleton ( Full Answer )
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What is a surgical template?

A surgical template is a clear tray that is used in the productionof dentures. The tray is designed to receive an imprint of thedentures.
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Where do you get templates at?

The Templates that you can use are made by Designers who share them work under a Common Creative License or a free GPL License (free To use), there is a Several websites from ( Full Answer )
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Where can i get warhammer templates?

The Gamesworkshop website, you can buy them by themselves or buy the assault on Black Reach which has a small Ork army and a small Space Marines army.
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Why do you use templates?

We use templates so that the shape or line we want to draw is neat.
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What is a template and why do you use templates?

Adofl Hitler Is A Template ----------------------------------- Yes, but not to apply for jobs. You should use them to learn the best approach to applying for jobs.
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Why do you use template?

It actually depends which Microsoft Office you use. If you use Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, you need to go to the 'File' tab, go to the 'New' place, then you will see the templ ( Full Answer )
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What is template genre?

Template genre is a predesigned format or stencil in form design,style , (void content) for inexperienced writers or artists to fill up as a virtual composition in digital for ( Full Answer )
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What is a template for a resume?

Templates simply gives you the guidelines on which to include your resume & how to structured it.
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Were to get website templates?

I have listed 3 of the most respected website template companies in the Related Links section. Including where you can get free ones.