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What is tendinitis?

Tendinitis Definition Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon, a tough rope-like tissue that connects muscle to bone. Description Tendinitis, also spelled 'Tend ( Full Answer )
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What is the treatment for tendinitis?

Treatment Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) will treat the acutecondition. The best way to apply ice is in a bag with water. Thewater applies the cold directly to ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of the tendinous cords?

The tendinious cord is located in the ventricles,ie., it connects the papillary muscle at one end and atrio-ventricular valves(mitral or bicuspid valve and tricuspid valve).Th ( Full Answer )
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What Is An Achilles tendinitis operation?

If the achilles tendon is ruptured then it would need to besurgically repaired. Most achilles tendinitis treatment involvesnon-surgical methods. Achilles tendon rupture repai ( Full Answer )
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What are tendinitis and bursitis?

Bursitis and tendinitis are both common conditions that involve inflammation of the soft tissue around muscles and bones, most often in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ( Full Answer )
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Can tendinitis be prevented?

tendons grow slowly. Therefore, adequate time is required for good conditioning. Stretching the muscles that are associated with problematic tendon will also help decrease ove ( Full Answer )
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How is tendinitis diagnosed?

In addition to evaluating factors in the patient's history that are likely to lead to tendinitis, the clinician may use several physical examination procedures.
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What are the causes of tendinitis?

Sudden stretching or repeated overuse injures the connection between the tendon and its bone or muscle. The injury is largely mechanical, but when it appears, the body tries t ( Full Answer )
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What should you put on if you have tendinitis?

First aid treatment: . Avoid activities that can hurt or stress the affected area . rest the affected area . Ice the area immediately after sustaining the injury and afte ( Full Answer )