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What is a tenor voice?

The tenor is a type of male singing voice and is the highest male voice within the modal register.
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What is a 'tenor' singer?

A tenor singer is, usually, the highest male voice used in choral and classical music. In a choir, the female voices are separated into, from highest to lowest, soprano, mezzo (MORE)

What is a castrati tenor?

A castrati Tenor was a Tenor who had been castrated so he would not go through puberty, and would therefore not experience a change in his voice. Repulsive though the practice (MORE)

What is Media Tenor?

Media Tenor Media Tenor was founded in 1994 as an independent media research institute to analyze opinion-leading media around the globe. The scope of the analysis is to captu (MORE)
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What is a baritone tenor?

A bari tenor is a baritone who has a tenor extension... for instance singing c5 a.k.a tenor C! FALSETTO doesnt count!
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Was johnlennon a tenor?

Yes, Lennon was a Tenor. But Tenors in classical music use their voices differently than tenors in rock/pop music. Lennon was a Rock/pop tenor. Pavoratti was a classical lyric (MORE)
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What is bass tenor?

bass tenor isnt a voice type. tenor is a high male voice while,  bass is a lower voice.