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Does Tinkerbell like terence?

yes they both like each other but tinkerbell is not so sure if she wants to be morethan friends. but tinkerbell simes to show her feeling in tinkerbell and the lost treasure.t (MORE)
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Who is Terence C Reilly?

Terence C. Reilly was killed in a motorcycle accident at 1-9 turnpike. He was a gifted and talented student. There is a school in Elizabeth named after him: Terence C. Reill S (MORE)

What happened to terence Trent d'arby?

Birth name Terence Trent Howard, artistic name Terence Trent D'arby. Back in 2001 he changed his name in Sananda Maitreya which after 2 years also became his stage name. He is (MORE)

Does Tinkerbell ever kiss terence?

Yes it is very likely that he does because he has a strong crush on her there will be more movies and its most likely he will kiss her in one of those

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