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What is an Accreted Terrain?

Part of the lithosphere that comes off when a plate collides into  another plate, and is added to it. This often happens when an  oceanic plate subducts under a continental (MORE)
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What is Canada's terrain?

here's what I've researched so far: Canada has mostly plains and mountains in the west and lowlands in the southeast. diversity is the key note of Canada's geo with fertile pl (MORE)
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What is the terrain of Ireland?

Most mountains in Ireland are near to the coast, though there are some mountain ranges further inland. The centre of Ireland is much flatter, especially through the middle of (MORE)

What is the definition of terrain?

Terrain refers to the characteristic features of a land surface: landforms, elevation, rocks, soils, and vegetation if any. It is any term that defines a particular region or (MORE)

What is the terrain in Russia?

Russia is composed of broad plains with some hills to the west of the Ural Mountains. The forests are comprised mainly of spruce, birch, and pine trees. The landscape is also (MORE)

What is the terrain on Venus?

The terrain of Venus is mostly flat, rocky, relatively "new" lava plains about 300 million years old, marked by volcanoes and impact craters. There are two highland "continent (MORE)

What is the terrain in PEI?

Its terrain can be characterized as gently rolling hills. White   sandy beaches are predominant along the northern shores while  red sandstone cliffs edge its southern exp (MORE)