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What is the terrain of Switzerland?

Switzerland is of a, largely, hilly, rough, mountainous and glacial terrain - partly forested and partly cleared - as well as several large lakes in the more central plateau w (MORE)

What is the terrain in Quebec?

  The terrain in Quebec is varied, as it is the largest province in area. It contains thousands of lakes, as well as plenty of rivers running through it. The northernmost (MORE)
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What is the terrain of Ireland?

Most mountains in Ireland are near to the coast, though there are some mountain ranges further inland. The centre of Ireland is much flatter, especially through the middle of (MORE)

What is the definition of terrain?

Terrain refers to the characteristic features of a land surface: landforms, elevation, rocks, soils, and vegetation if any. It is any term that defines a particular region or (MORE)

What is the terrain of Saturn?

Saturn is a gas giant planet. If it has any solid surface, it is under a huge and very active atmosphere that may be able to erode terrain features rapidly. Since any solid su (MORE)
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What is Canada's terrain?

here's what I've researched so far: Canada has mostly plains and mountains in the west and lowlands in the southeast. diversity is the key note of Canada's geo with fertile pl (MORE)

What is the terrain of a savanna?

A savanna is an African tropical ecological system that is mainly a flat grassland with scattered trees and occasional hills, streams of water or lakes in some places.
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What is California's terrain?

California is a big state with varying terrains. There are steep  cliffs and mountains, forests, beaches, and deserts. It also has  the highest and lowest points in the cont (MORE)