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How do you trade on grepolis?

First you need to build a market which alows you to trade and then you click on a city and ask to trade.

What are terranes?

A terrane is a fragment of crustal material formed on, or broken off from, one tectonic plate and accreted

What is a trade barrier?

A trade barrier is when governments have goods imported from less  competitive businesses instead of buying local. An example is how  most of the items available for purchas (MORE)

The difference between a jovian planet and a Terran planet?

Jovian Planets: Gas Giants The gas giants, popularly referred to as the Jovian planets, are the planets which are not composed of any solid matter. Technically speaking, the (MORE)

Who did the Greeks trade with and what did they trade?

Each other for the most part. Greece was a maritime civilization, and had colonies scattered throughout the Mediterranean. Considering that ancient Greeks regarded any non-G (MORE)

What did the Phoenicians trade with?

They had two types of trade:   their own produce - timber, foodstuffs, dyes   carry-trade - buying from other areas and onselling the produce -  foodsuffs, metals, ge (MORE)