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Who is tom terrific?

"Tom Terrific" was a name applied to pitcher Tom Seaver during his major league baseball career. It is taken from a 1950's vintage cartoon series. Tom Terrific (1957-1959) wa (MORE)
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Is sex terrific?

;> Hell yeah! Depends on who you are having it with and if you or they are having a up or down type of day.
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Scrabble Words found in terrific?

Words from T E R R I F I C:. if , it, . fit, fir, tie, ice . rite, fire, tire, rice , fret, rift, cite, tier
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What is a sentence using the word terrifically?

I can give you several sentences. . That is a terrifically difficult endeavor. . You've been terrifically brave. . I had a terrifically good time at your house.
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How do you spell terrific?

That is the correct spelling for the word "terrific". (It originally meant causing terror but now is synonymous with great or very good .)
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What is the noun of terrific?

There is no noun form for the adjective terrific. There is an adverb form, terrifically.
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What does Tom Terrific look like?

Male child who wears a funnel on his head that shoots out steam or smoke and his transition thing- akin to Superman"s Up ,Up, and Away! was Bahp-Punk ( or Bunk) Bucketa bucket (MORE)
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Who was the most terrifing animal in dinosaurs?

1. check your spelling/english's not who, it's "what" 3.dinasour=a animal 4.most people choose T-rex because it's like almighty king of dinasours(historic figure)'s (MORE)
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Is terrific an adverb?

No, terrific is an adjective applied to a noun or action. The adverb form is terrifically.
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Is terrific a verb?

No. Terrific is an adjective. An adjective is used to describe anoun. For example, "That was terrific pizza!"