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What are the US Territories?

There are currently 16 major territories of the Unites States five  are permanently inhabited, they are Puerto Rico, Guam. Northern  Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Isl (MORE)

Territory to state?

  If you are talking about the process of a territory becoming a state, then I can help you. I'm working on it right now myself.   1.) A petition needs to be sent to th (MORE)
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Why are gangs territorial?

Humans are primates. One basic trait that we share with other primates is territorial behavior. Gangs are, at their core, social groups that feed on the needs of belonging and (MORE)

What territories are considered the British Reversionary Territories and what Territories are considered the American Reversionary Territories?

  The British Reversionary Territories are generally believed to include the following:   Anguilla, Antigua, Ascension Islands, Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados (MORE)

Are zebras territorial?

Yes a breed of zebra are territorial they are the Grevy's zebra. They live in Africa in which they have many predators. This breed of zebra mark their distinct territory and t (MORE)

What is animal territorialism?

  This is the behavior of some animals who will mark out a territory and often protect it. For example, some animals may "mark" its territory by urinating in various spots (MORE)

Are axolotls territorial?

It depends. Axolotls can be kept with other axolotls AS ADULTS, and in fact prefer it due to the fact they are very social. When they are not adults, however, they will kill e (MORE)

What are the Palestinian Territories?

The Palestinian Territories is a term used to refer to the areas of the former British Mandate of Palestine that were not under Israeli or Syrian control by the end of the Ara (MORE)
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Are ants territorial?

In most species, yes. The territory includes their immediate nest area and perhaps their surrounding foraging area. However, there are some species, such as the Argentine ant (MORE)