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What does tessie have to do with Boston?

In 1903, the Boston team (which was not yet called the Red Sox) had some loyal and devoted fans, known as the Royal Rooters. These fans took a love song that was a big hit tha (MORE)

Who is tessie in the lottery?

Tessie Hutchinson is the unfortunate victim of drawing the slip with the black dot in her family. Ironically she is stoned for winning the lottery

How is Tessie Hutchinson an allusion of Anne Hutchinson?

Tessie Hutchinson is the one who gets sacrificed. This name is used differently from the others in the story. "Hutchinson" is a historical name of one of America's Christian l (MORE)

Why did tessie die in the lottery?

They held a lottery in which the member of the "winning" family who drew the black dot was stoned to death as a sacrafice so the harvest would be good.

What movie and television projects has Tessy been in?

Tessy has: Played Clown in "Mike Moltos Musik-Magazin" in 1965. Played Mak Lampir in "XXL: Double Extra Large" in 2009. Played Supir Bagyo in "Wakil rakyat" in 2009. Performed (MORE)