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Why should backups be stored off-site and periodically tested?

If the initial location is damaged, like if there was a fire in the building that the computers were stored, then the on-site backups would be lost. For companies with signifi (MORE)

How many nuclear test sites are there in Nevada?

One, the Nevada Test Site directly north of Las Vegas. However thousands of test shots were fired at different locations within the test site.
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Is there any site for gre practice test?

I would suggest that you should try, due to the following reasons-  There are plenty of GRE practice question tests  Each test is timed.  The answers are with (MORE)

What is a good site for an IQ test?

The general public is strictly prohibited from having access to genuine IQ tests such as the WISC, WAIS, or the Stanford-Binet. And so if you take a test online or obtain it f (MORE)