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Are parent's required to testify?

Parents can be required to testify because there is no privilege inthe relationship. A Jury decides how much weight to give theirtestimony because of the relationship.
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Can a spouse testify against their spouse?

A spouse may not be forced to testify against their spouse in criminal proceedings. In divorce court, however, spouses typically tear each other to shreds, which can cause l (MORE)
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Do you get paid to testify?

If you are a qualified expert hired to testify yes. Otherwise no. It is your civic duty to testify if summoned.
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What the Muslims testify?

The Muslims testify that " there is no god but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is his last last messenger." And if anyone wants to accept Islam he/she must testify this. . Answer (MORE)
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Who does The Bible testify to?

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Can you get out of testifying in court?

You cannot get out of testifying in court just because you don'twant to do it. If you feel unsafe about it, you can talk to thejudge about it.
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What is the noun of testify?

A testifier is the person who is testifying. A testimony is the declaration made while testifying.
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If a person gets summoned to testify against a relative do they have to testify?

Yes, It is vital that the court gets the correct information to solve the case otherwise the outcome could be wrong. Even if it means testifying against someone you love. I (MORE)
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Does a spouse have to testify under a subpoena?

No. Wolfle v. United States. However, there are a range of exceptions. In part, they must be legally married, the communications must have happened while legally married, i (MORE)
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You have to testify in court what are your rights?

You can't be compelled to give evidence that would incriminate you. For instance, if you were asked if you had stolen something, you could refuse to answer if you had. Refusin (MORE)