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What is a testimony of faith?

A testimony of faith is when you tell people how you had a certain experience when they believed God or something helped them in a certain trial. One of the most well known (MORE)

What is a trial testimony?

That includes any statements made in open court by witnesses for both the prosecution and the defense, which deal with the case at trial.
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What is the testimony of Jesus?

God gives us multiple testimonies throughout our life. He give us these stories to help & uplift others in their times of need. He will then put others into our lives when we (MORE)

What is a antonym for testimony?

There is no antonym for testimony. One cannot prove wrong a person's belief of what they think is true, or their testimony of truth. However, testimony is a synonym for "admis (MORE)

What is the ark of the testimony?

The Gold Covered box built to the specifications given by God and which traveled with Israel when they were in the Wilderness. It contains the tablets containing the Ten Comma (MORE)
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What are testimonial?

Written recommendation from a celebrity or satisfied customersaffirming the performance,quality and/or value of a product orservice.Testimonial are one of the most potent tool (MORE)