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What if your testosterone level is 10 in a woman?

Answer . The essentials for optimal health and longevity are proper nutrition, exercise, and natural hormone replacement balance. Today, about 77 percent of the population (MORE)

How do you find out you testosterone level?

If you are concerned that your testosterone level may be low, go see your doctor. It is a simple blood test that they can run and they can tell you what your testosterone leve (MORE)

What is normal testosterone levels in men?

"Normal" Testosterone levels will vary from person to person. So actually there is no 'set' normal, such as you would find in a red or white blood count. My experience, as a 5 (MORE)

How do you boost testosterone level?

There are many reasons for low testosterone. Before beginning any testosterone treatment, see your doctor to rule out any medical issues, such as a thyroid condition. Yo (MORE)

Does Concerta effect testosterone levels?

I have been on concerta since a little kid and is still on it. I am going for bloodworm because , even though I am a woman I have "issues" and might have a testosterone proble (MORE)

What drug alters testosterone levels?

A number of drugs alter testosterone levels, including some that are recreational or over the counter. Here are some: Alcohol - May increase estrogen levels and indirectly (MORE)