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How do tetras mate?

Tetras are egg layers so they don't have intercourse:) they are EXTREMELY hard to breed unless youre one of those professional breeders
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Tetra what is this?

Tetra is a type of a freshwater fish, usually colorful, and is native to America and Africa, and they are also popular in aquariums. Or, Tetra can be a form of combining (as i ( Full Answer )
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When does a tetra have babies?

1 its a egg layer 2 its scatters its eggs 3 it scatter the eggs everywhere in corners under plants and stuff the eggs hatch within 3 to 5 days differs from species to spec ( Full Answer )
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What does tetra stand for?

As it's used in the aquarium setting it refers to most fish in thefamily Characidae. We call them that because of the original genusname Tetragonopterus which is no longer val ( Full Answer )
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What tetras can go with neon tetras?

Pretty much all of them. They are a peaceful family of fish. The ones you need to watch out for are silver dollars (petsmart says 6, 10-18inches). Silver dollars are much bigg ( Full Answer )
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Is a goldfish a tetras?

No, they are different species, Goldfish belong to the Cyprinidae family, common Tetras belong to the Characidae family, not even slightly related. If your tetra is small e ( Full Answer )
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Can a betta be with tetras?

Yes you can if you go to some of the pet stores they have Betta fish in some tetra tanks. Most of all though if you Betta likes to be mean to other types of fish than i would ( Full Answer )
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Is tetra a fish?

There is a tetra fish, sometimes it's called a "neon" fish. tetra is also a prefix meaning 4. Tetrapod is a four limned animal.
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What can live with tetras other then tetras?

\n. It depends on what size of aquarium you have. I have a 10 gallon aquarium and i have 7 tetreas and they seem to do fine with my green cory catfishes. They dont bother fis ( Full Answer )
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What is a tetras?

Tetras are a tropical freshwater fish that are small. They arenative to both America and Africa.