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What is the defect needed in pink tetralogy of fallot?

  A "Pink Tet" is simply an Acyanotic Tetralogy of Fallot. The same 4 cardiac anomalies are present as in Cyanotic ToF: 1) Pulmonary Stenosis, 2) VSD, 3) Overriding Aorta (MORE)
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Can people with tetralogy of fallot have a baby?

I had a total correction of Fallots of Tetralogy in 1970 in Cape Town South Africa. Two years after I had my first child a son a quite natural birth. Three years later I had a (MORE)

What is the tetralogy of fallot?

Tetralogy of Fallot:   - Commonest CCHD in children above 2 years of age.   - Prevalence: 1/2000 live birth   - Tetralogy of Fallot is the result of unequal divisi (MORE)

Surgical management of tetralogy of fallot?

There are two common surgical procedures for treatment of tetralogy of fallot: the Blalock-Tausigg Shunt and a patch. The Blalock-Tausigg Shunt is used to direct more blood fl (MORE)

Nursing intervention for patint having tetralogy of fallot?

The three interventions a RN is expected to know in order to treat a patient experiencing a tetrology of fallot are: bring the child's knees to the chest to increase the press (MORE)

Anatomy and physiology of tetralogy of fallot?

The primary defect of the Tetralogy of Fallot heart is insufficient growth of the outlet of the right ventricle, the lower chamber of the right heart. Therefore the ventricula (MORE)

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