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What does Teutonic mean?

Teutonic or to be of Teutonic orgin, suggests that one is talking about a certain area of Europe, Northern Europe; and Scandinavia. The Vikings were Teutonic, the Northern Ger ( Full Answer )
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Who were the Teutonic Knights?

I Think They were Germans Two links shown that describe who the Teutonic Knights were and who they became. In short version: They were crusading (Christianity spreading) fight ( Full Answer )
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What are the Teutons?

The Teutons were a European-germanic race, led by Emperor Barbarrossa, who I think took over/adopted the 'Holy Roman Empire', which in the eleventh and twelfth century was exp ( Full Answer )
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Who were teutonic barbarians?

Teutonic barbarians were known as Vikings. They were known forinvading new territory, burning and pillaging as they went.
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What is a Teutonic cross?

The Teutonic Cross is an insignia representing the Teutonic Knights, with German roots. It is apparently still in use today for some parts of the German military.
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Who are the Teutonic Barbarians?

The Teutons were a Germanic people from Denmark. Together with another Germanic people, they attacked the Roman Empire in Austria. Gaul, Spain and northern Italy in the late 2 ( Full Answer )
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What is a teutonic trio?

Teutonic trio is a popular crossword puzzle clue. It has appearedin crossword puzzles in the New York Times, Netword, and theWashington Post. The answer is 'drei.'
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Do the Teutonic Knights still exist?

There are conflicts as to whether or not Napoleon Bonapartesuccedeed in disbanding the order. But, to directly answer thequestion, yes, the Teutonic Knights still exist in Aus ( Full Answer )
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Are the Teutonic Knights a religion?

No, they were a catholic military order, similar to Templars or Knights of Malta. Official name of Teutonic Knights is Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in J ( Full Answer )
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Where the Teutonic Knights at Novgorod?

In fact, yes, they were at the Battle of Novgorod. But, before youRussians get too proud of yourselves the main opposing force wasthe Livonian Knights, and the Teutonic Knight ( Full Answer )