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What does 'textbook' mean?

As a noun, a textbook is a book used as part of a course of study: a history textbook contains an account of historical events, presented in a format so as to facilitate (he (MORE)

What is a sidebar of a textbook?

It's a portion of text that is set apart from the the main text through a different background color, font, or line boundary. Usually sidebars are used for activities or infor (MORE)

How do you cite textbooks?

When citing a textbook or any other book references, put your quote in quotation marks, followed by a comma. Then you put the name of your book and the page number in brackets (MORE)

How do you do a textbook in MLA?

is this for a reference? if so then you put a basic reference number for that category e.g. [4] in superscript font. and in the bibliography (reference list) you refer to the (MORE)

How do you fix a textbook?

You can fix a textbook by. 1.Grab a piece of tape. 2. hold the two sides together. 3. put the tape on the broken part. 4. enjoy your fixed textbook ._>

How do you clean a textbook?

I have found that Goo Gone is great at removing almost anything from the covers of books and doesn't damage the book at all. I sell books online for a living and that is what (MORE)