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What is Textile Warping?

textile warping . Textile warping is the processing of creating the base yarn that runs top to bottom on woven cloth. Basic woven cloth consists of 2 yarns; a warp and a we (MORE)

What are textiles?

Textiles are woven materials. They can include material made from any number of plant and animal materials, such as cotton, wool, camelhair, hemp, and flax (linen).

What is textile?

Textiles are products made using textile fibers ... a textile fiber is any substance which have some essencialproperties like Crimp, lusture, atleast 1:30 width to length rat (MORE)

What does textiles do?

Well first off, textiles don't exactly "do" anything due to the fact that textiles are cloths in large amounts and are basically like string and yarn and such. Clothing is the (MORE)

What can textile be used for?

To make clothes and bedding ----------------------------------------------- They can be used in carpeting, upholstered furnishings, window shades, towels, covering for ta (MORE)

What are the properties of textiles?

Textile is a textile dont you know that ? ^Who the hell would write that? Anyway a property within textiles is fibre , yarn, fabric etc properties is required in producing a (MORE)

How can you refuse in textiles?

Refuse means: When you do not accept a certain product at all if you do not need it or if it is environmentally or socially unsustainable. So genuinely, it means that you do n (MORE)

What is textiles?

Textiles is a course that you can take in school, or even outside of school. It is a course for fashion design. You sew and make clothes and projects of fabric, and they teach (MORE)

What are textiles and what is significant about the textile industrial?

everything that is (part of or totally )made from fabric calledtextile products, like clothing, tablecloth, placemat, apron,fabric shoes, fabric bags... And everything that us (MORE)