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How did Sam Slater contribute to the growth of the textile industry in the Northeast?

In 1789, Samuel Slater memorized the design of a textile mill and equipment in Egland, he then traveled in disguise to the United States to recreate the mill in Rhode Island i (MORE)

Give reasons why most of cotton textile industries have shifted to Ahmedabad area from Mumbai?

Most of the cotton textile industries have been recently shifted to Ahmedabad from Bombay (Mumbai) because of the following reasons: The cotton producing areas are much wider (MORE)
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Role of engineers in textile industry?

engineers are involved in textile engineering from start to end.for example in harvesting of cotton a machine cotton gin is used which is an invention of mechanical engineer.t (MORE)
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What is textile?

Textiles are products made using textile fibers ...    a textile fiber is any substance which have some essencial  properties like Crimp, lusture, atleast 1:30 width t (MORE)
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What inventions transformed the textile industry?

Flying shuttle invented by John Kay - an improvement to looms that enabled weavers to weave faster.1764 Spinning jenny invented by James Hargreaves - the first machine to impr (MORE)

What new machines were invented the textile industry?

Flying shuttle and the water mule were the new machines that were invented during the textile industry.
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