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What is Thai massage?

A Thai massage also known as Yoga massage originated in Thailand. It usually begins with the feet and legs and moving up to the hands and arms. The benefit you'll get with thi (MORE)

Is it phat Thai or pad Thai?

Since Thai is not written with the Roman alphabet, either conversion to the Roman alphabet is OK and arguably correct. *Nearly all Thai restaurants use pad Thai, because it i (MORE)

What is yes in Thai?

  If you are simply saying "yes" to be polite in a conversation, to show understanding, or agreement, say "kha" for a girl and "khrap" for a guy. If you are emphasizing (MORE)

How do you say how are you in thai?

to be polite say "sa-bai-dee-mai na kah" if you are a girl but if you are a boy then you have to say "sa-bai-dee-mai-kahp?" If she/he is your close friend, just say "pen-ng (MORE)

How can i get Job as a merchant navy ordinary seaman in Nordic American Tanker Shipping with a thai CDC with no experience?

Dude is that even a Question, firstly your an indian with a thai  cdc and secondly you dont have any experience. how do you expect  people to hire you.
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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What is hello in Thai?

สวัสดี (sà-wàt-dee) ฮัลโหล (hanlǒh) - on phone Answer: Boys: Sawadee-caap Girls: Sawadee-caa And dont forget to bow! u got it wrong its sawa (MORE)

What is the Thai Currency?

the currency in Thailand is "baht". $1 is about 33 baht at the moment.
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How do you say American in Thai?

"an American person" = "kon amerigan" "American" used as a general adjective = "amerigan"
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What is a Thai Kalaga?

Thailand is famous for its hand made interior decor, and wall art is no different. Kalaga's are wall tapestries, made from sequins, beads and lined with Thai silk and raised t (MORE)