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How do you say have a good meal in Thai language?

We, particularly, don't have these sentences like , have a good lunch or Bon appetit in Thai. It might be a little bit strange if you say it especially to your close friends o (MORE)

How do you say where are you in the thai language?

Formal: Khun you nai? or Khun you teenai? Informal: Tuuh you nai? or Tuuh you teenai? คุณ - khun - you (formal) เธอ - tuuh - you (informal, feminine) (ที่) (MORE)

How to say i do not love you in the Thai language?

ฉัน - Chan - I ผม - pom - I (formal, male) ไม่ - mai (short) - no/don't รัก - rak - love คุณ - khun - you (formal) เธอ - tuuh - you (informal (MORE)

What family of languages is the Thai language in?

The Thai language belongs to the "Austro-Asiatic" family. Since Thailand and Vietname are peninsulas. "Austro" means "sailor" and "Asiatic" means "Asian". The other person is (MORE)

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