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How width is the River Thames?

There are many parts of the river thames: The width of the river Thames also increases the further downstream you go. Lechlade 18 metres wide Oxford 76 metres wide Teddingt (MORE)

Do crabs live in the River Thames?

The answer is yes! We found part of a 17th century clay pipe at low tide today 08/09/12, by Wandsworth Park in Putney. When we got it home to clean it, we discovered a live ba (MORE)

When was the river Thames built?

The River Thames is a natural geographic feature of Southern England and isn't man made. Its present course was determined around the time of the last ice age - about 10,000 y (MORE)

Is there any facts about the river thames?

It is the second longest (but most well known) river in the UK at 212 miles. It flows through Oxford and London and empties into the North Sea. After being severely polluted f (MORE)

How did people cross the thames river?

A2. By boat bridges and fords. A1 In early days, you would swim, or perhaps use a small craft. But when the Romans came, they built the first wooden bridge, about the limit (MORE)
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