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When did the river thames freeze?

  One of the earliest accounts of the Thames freezing over comes from AD 250, when it was frozen solid for nine weeks. In 923 the river was open to wheeled traffic for tra (MORE)

Why is the Thames famous?

The Thames is famous for a number of reasons.. By the 1800s, it was one of the world's busiest waterways.. It has had a number of different "London Bridges" through the cent (MORE)

How many islands does the river Thames have?

River Thames has about 5 islands on it and the River tames is in London Another answer The River Thames, does in fact, contain over 80 islands ranging from the large marsh (MORE)
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How did the river Thames get its name?

Thames is derived from middle English Temes which itself comes from the Celtic Temasis meaning dark. The "h" was added in the 14th century giving it a Greek look when the (MORE)

Which Continent is the River Thames on?

The River Thames is in England which is on the European Continent. There are also other River Thames'. There was a River Thames in New Zealand until it's name was changed to (MORE)
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What is the importance of the River Thames in England?

The River Thames flows through Central London but isn't of any real importance now. In the past it was used as a means of getting about because of the poor state of the roads. (MORE)

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