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Which is the South Indian form of painting that originated in the town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu this art form uses gold foils and precious jewels to depict paintings of gods goddesses and saints?

THANJAVUR PAINTINGS . Thanjavur paintings have decorated the walls of temples, palaces and homes since the Chola Dynasty (17th century). They are deeply rooted in tradition (MORE)
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Who is the collector of thanjavur?

M.S. Shanmugam IAS, Deputy Secretary to the Chief Minister, will be the new Thanjavur Collector. He replaces Vijayraj Kumar, IAS.
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Where is thanjavur located?

It is located in Tamil Nadu in India .The famous monument here is the Big Temple of Lord Shiva.
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Why thanjavur temple as no shadow?

It is believed that the temple was built in such a way that shadowwill not cast anywhere, the temple was buit about a thousand yearsago. But many believes that there was a cel (MORE)