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Did Arvin Malcolm Briscoe Jr win a Silver Star award?

Yes, Arvin Malcom Briscoe Jr. did win the Silver Star in the Vietnam War. The papers that awarded him this award, were lost, and were not retrieved until 1996. He was asked to (MORE)

How did Lennie Brisco leave Law and Order?

The character, Detective Lennie Briscoe announced his retirement from the NYPD in the season 14 episode called 'C.O.D.', originally aired 6/19/04. Following his retirement, Br (MORE)

What is whopper jr?

A Whopper jr is a smaller version of a Whopper sandwich. It  contains the same type of meat, mayonaise, lettuce, tomato, pickle  onion and ketchup on a seasame seed bun, jus (MORE)

Who is bowser jr?

Bowser Jr is Bowser's son and Mario's enemy. But is also Luigi's enemy too because Luigi helps Mario to get to Princess Peach. Basically mostly everybody that is trying to sav (MORE)

Is Jr a prefix?

Jr is an abbreviation of 'Junior'. It used generally used to signify the difference between like named people in a family; when it is used this way, it is called a generationa (MORE)

Why has paul jr left orange county choppers?

On the season premiere Paul brought Paul Jr into his office to write him up for being late again for work. It turned in a really big fight with chairs being thrown, etc. When (MORE)

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