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Who is tintins friend?

Tin Tin had many friends. His dog, Snowy. Captain Haddock (Thundering Typhoons and Blistering barnacles were his favourite phrases), and lastly the Thompson twins. the last tw (MORE)
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Is Tintin ticklish?

personally i would fiind tintin to be a very ticklish man. his  rugged qualites must have a soft pink ticklish side beneath all  that blubber
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What is Tintin about?

it about a young boy who was a reporter, but found him self to be a detective.and he go on a venture with his dog snowy.
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How old is Tintin?

 Tintin is a Belgian reportor and has a faithful fox terrier called snowy. He is 80- he was created in post war France by Belgian artist George Remil who took the name of H (MORE)
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Who does tintin work for?

On the title of the first book, it says: "Reporter for 'Le Petit Vingtieme'."   However, in the sequels, you never see him write any reports.
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