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Age of M-1 Garand?

The American M-1 Garand was designed by John C. Garand at the Springfield Arms factory in Springfield Massachussetts in 1932, and adopted as the U.S. army's standard infantry (MORE)

What age did you have to fight in World War 1?

  Answer   18 years old. If you were younger and your parents approved you could be as young as 16. Or as some young men did, they lied about their age basically say (MORE)

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What represents innocence?

The lamb is a common symbol of innocence. Also white things; such as a white flower. Think of it this way. Innocence is purity, completely free of any blemishes or streaks or (MORE)
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Was Charles 1 guilty or innocent?

He was put on trial and they proved him guilty only because there were no defence lawyers. But I think he was innocent. Here are some points: 1. He married Henrietta Maria ON (MORE)