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Is Mercury radioactive?

No the element Mercury is not Radioactive. None of the mercury ordinarily found in nature is radioactive. Like all elements, there are synthetic radioactive isotopes of mercur (MORE)

Where did Freddie mercury get the name 'mercury' from?

Freddie Mercury was very immersed in astrology when he was in his  early 20s. He even designed logo for the "Queen" featuring name of  the band and all signs of each member: (MORE)

Is Mercury rocky?

yes!! mercury is a rocky planet. lets just make this easier. i have recently learned that the first four planets are rocky and the last four are gaseous that makes mercury ven (MORE)

Why is mercury called mercury?

The planet was named by the Romans after Mercury, the messenger to the gods, because they likened its quick movement across the sky to the speed at which the messenger was bel (MORE)

Can the planet mercury melt mercury?

yes because the planet Mercury is the second hottest planet in the solar system[after Venus] . Comment: It's not too difficult to melt mercury. The element mercury is liqu (MORE)

What is unusual about Mercury?

If you mean the metal mercury, it is unusual because it is liquid at room temperature, whereas other metals are solid.
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What is the luminosity of mercury?

Strictly speaking Mercury (the planet) isn't luminous, since that  implies it has its own method of generating light. Astronomers  speak of albedo, which is the ratio of lig (MORE)

What floats in Mercury?

  Just about anything that is lighter then mercury. Dont be tempted to put your gold ring on mercury as it will dissolve in it, and let of a toxic gas while doing so   (MORE)

Does Mercury have a gas?

No it doesnt! the reason behind this is that Murcury has no atmosphere so it is unable to hold any sort of gas.
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What is the temparature on Mercury?

The temperature on the planet may reach 840 degrees F (450 degrees C) during the day. But at night, the temperature may drop as low as -275 degrees F (-170 degrees C). It ha (MORE)