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What does apart mean?

apart adj adv (postpositive) 1. to pieces or in pieces, he had the television apart on the floor 2. placed or kept separately or to one side for a particular purpose, reason, (MORE)

What is 'apartment' in Latin?

Conclave is one Latin equivalent of 'apartment'. It's a neuter gender noun that literally means 'chamber'. Conductum is another Latin equivalent of 'apartment'. It's a neut (MORE)
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What is apartment wrestling?

Apartment wrestling is a sport in which you must beat and batter your opponent until they are either unable to move or dead T.W. (Tyler Washington) is the current world champi (MORE)

What are service apartments?

Serviced apartments are located all over the world but the definition of what a serviced apartment should be varies by country, city and owner. Serviced apartments are basical (MORE)

Can you own an apartment?

Yes, you can own an apartment. When an apartment is owned by an individual, it's called a condominium (condo). The building or apartment must be designated for individual sale (MORE)