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What does apart mean?

apart adj adv (postpositive) 1. to pieces or in pieces, he had the television apart on the floor 2. placed or kept separately or to one side for a particular purpose, reason, (MORE)

What is a bonded apartment?

A bonded apartment means that a surety bond has been used to  instead of a security deposit to obtain the apartment. The minimum  amount for a surety bond is $87.50.

What is a simplex apartment?

øthe simplex is an apartment that has all its room on one level. øthe simplex apartment is the most common types of apartment because it is the simplest and most economical (MORE)

Who invented apartment?

The first people known to build apartments were the Romans. They put up multi-family buildings about four stories high. These buildings were called insulae, which means island (MORE)
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When did Yugoslavia apart?

When Josip Broz Tito, president of the communist country Yugoslavia died in 1980, conflict began. On June 25, 1991, Slovenia and Croatia departed from Yugoslavia, later on in (MORE)

What do you have to pay for in an apartment?

The rent it self and usually electric, heat, water, and gas if your landord don`t cover it. You have to pay for everything that a landlord includes in the lease, and then yo (MORE)

How do you spell apart?

The spelling "apart" (adverb) means asunder, separate (e.g. torn apart, living far apart). The word part (noun) can be used in the phrase "a part" (one part, piece, or segme (MORE)