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Who and where are Nabu Press?

A quick search shows that Nabu Press has about 600,000 books listed on Amazon, all public domain reprints (similarly to General Books LLC, an imprint of the alleged scam publi (MORE)

When was the Associated Press founded?

  The Associated Press grew from 5 New York paper publishers who used to operate a fleet of small newsboats, that were used to ferry any news from newly arriving Ships. (MORE)

What is Freedom of the Press?

Answer: Freedom of press is the right to print or publish something without governmental interference, though there are restrictions, which lead to punishments if dishonored (MORE)

What time does the Associated Press' college football rankings come out?

As a general rule, the Associated Press, Coaches, and Harris polls  are updated Sunday afternoon, whereas ranks all 124  teams each Monday at Noon ET.   (MORE)

Who are the members of the 1953 Associated Press All American Football Team?

  Johnny Lattner...............Notre Dame............Back   Paul Giel.........................Minnesota..............Back   Paul Cameron................UCLA....... (MORE)

What is an associate?

An associate is a "friend of" or a "guy" of a current made-man member of the mob. Usually an associate conducts business with the mob(or just one made-man), but some of them (MORE)

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What is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), best known for  conducting the annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony, is an  organization made up of journalists and photograph (MORE)