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Where is the Assyrian Palace?

There are no remaining palaces of the Assyrian Empire. If anything miraculously remained, it is most likely to be in ruins. But there are a lot of historical tablets, stone pi (MORE)
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What happened to the Assyrians?

What Happened to the Ancient Assyrians? Until recently, history texts, and encyclopedias have failed to provide information about what happened to the ancient Assyrians after (MORE)
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What did Assyrians do for fun?

Assyrians enjoyed conquering other people. They hunted for sport  and food. They oppressed all whom they conquered and seemed to have  fun doing so.
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Who were the Assyrians?

The Assyrians were an ancient people who occupied much of present day Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.   Around 850 BC they acquired a large empire. They had highly advanced (MORE)
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What is the contribution of assyrian?

1. First recorded organized and civilized CITIES.   2. First Horse CHARIOT with an advanced perfectly proportioned WHEEL. 3. First LAWS-Code of Hammurabi 4. First Tra (MORE)

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What are the contributions of assyrian?

The Assyrians, being the direct descendants of the Akkadians, invented the world's first written language (cuneiform) and the 360-degree circle, established Hammurabi's code o (MORE)

How do you say hello in Assyrian?

Shlama alokh (saying hello to a boy) Shlama alakh (saying hello to a girl)
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What are the assyrians?

Assyria was a  major Mesopotamian East Semitic kingdom, and often empire, of the  Ancient Near East, existing as an independent state for a period of  approximately ninetee (MORE)
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Who freed the Israelites from Assyrian captivity?

  The Israelites were never freed from Assyrian captivity. They adapted their religious beliefs to those of their captors and gradually blended into the culture that surro (MORE)
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Who are Assyrians?

Answer   An Ancient People who occupied much of present day Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.   Answer   The assyrians came from the northern part mesopatamia and b (MORE)