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What are the assyrians?

Assyria was amajor Mesopotamian East Semitic kingdom, and often empire, of theAncient Near East, existing as an independent state for a period ofapproximately nineteen centuri (MORE)
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What did the Assyrians invent?

They invented iron weapons and aquaducts which were a BIG part of  their success. The assyrians where the best empire for many reasons  we where better than ALL other empire (MORE)
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What did the Assyrians eat?

The ancient Assyrians were known to eat sheep that the  domesticated. They would even eat cattle, oxen, milk, goats,  cheese, butter, various birds, fish, honey, dates, onio (MORE)
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Who were the Assyrians?

The Assyrians were an ancient people who occupied much of present day Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.   Around 850 BC they acquired a large empire. They had highly advanced (MORE)
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Did the Assyrians have slavery?

Unfortunately yes we did have but the only slave i know we had are the Armenians. our queen Shameram had an empire. also the Armenian had had empire and their king's name was (MORE)
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What did Assyrians farm?

It is rich in grain, meat, potato, and tomato, with rice usually served with every meal accompanied by a stew which is typically poured over the rice. Tea is a popular drink, (MORE)

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Who are Assyrians?

Answer   An Ancient People who occupied much of present day Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.   Answer   The assyrians came from the northern part mesopatamia and b (MORE)