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What is an astronaut?

An astronaut is a person who travels in Space. Until 03 an astronaut was usually trained by the military, government or civil space agents. Now they are trained by the SSO- Sp (MORE)

Is an astronaut a scientist?

Yes, absolutely. Most astronauts are pilots as well as scientists.  Given the small size of space crews, it is imperative that each  member has something to contribute in so (MORE)

How do you astronauts sleep?

The U.S. astronauts go to sleep in their spacecraft in their sleeping bags , all tied up neatly. the sleeping time is according to the Houston night time, the Russian sleep ac (MORE)

What are the astronauts' achievements?

The early Soyuz and Mercury astronauts found out that man could  survive in space. That meant eating, sleeping, going to the  bathroom, and even manipulating the spacecraft (MORE)

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