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What is Aurora Australia?

  An Aurora Australis or an Aurora Borealis occurs when streams of particles from the sun's solar winds hit the earth's atmosphere at an angle (as can only happen at the p (MORE)

What is the Aurora Australis?

Aurora Australis means "Southern Lights", the opposite to "Aurora Borealis" in the north. (Aurora was the Roman goddess of dawn, (similar to the Greek goddess Eos) and Austral (MORE)
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What produces Auroras?

The auroras occur when charged particles collide with Earths magnetosphere, which causes the lightshow in the ionosphere.
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What colors are in an Aurora?

Three colors generally are in the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis. The main color is green, then blue and finally red. It depends on what gas is involved and how hi (MORE)

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Why are aurora dangerous?

Ummmm..... because you could get a crick in your neck while lookingup at them? Because you could get cold from being outside at night with yourmouth open because the auroras (MORE)