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What is productivity bargaining?

A form of collective bargaining leading to a productivity agreement in which management offers a pay raise in exchange for alterations to employee working practices designed t (MORE)

What is the story bargain about?

the story bargain is about a boy Al working in a mercantile. His boss is an immigrant so this other freighter bullies him. But Mr. Baumer (Al's Boss) got tired of it and order (MORE)

What are the features of collective bargaining?

Some of the salient feature of collective bargaining are:It is a 'group' process, wherein one group representing the employers and the other representing employees sit togethe (MORE)

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What does bargain mean?

What does bargain mean ? It means ............... something sold at a price favorable to the buyer. by: Haley h. e.g you can find a bargain at jacquline pearn fine jewels
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What is Plea bargaining?

Its a criminal law term used to define the process in which the accused agrees to plead guilty to a lesser criminal offense in which they were originally being charged with... (MORE)
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What is multilateral bargaining?

Refers to negotiations in the public sector where the authority to commit to a collective bargaining agreement may be shared by the executive and legislative branches.