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How do you unlock kits in Battlefield 2?

You must play Multiplayer and get experience to "Level Up" and after a certain amount of level ups you can unlock new weapons for kits.
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How do you deploy gadgets in Battlefield 3?

In Battlefield 3, gadgets are a type of item in multiplayer. These can be unlocked by gaining points in a particular multiplayer class; Assault, Engineer, Support or Recon. (MORE)

How many levels in Battlefield 3?

In Battlefield 3, there are a total of twelve single-player campaign missions, six two-player co-operative missions and nine multiplayer maps; an addition of four multiplayer (MORE)

Who was known as the angel of the battlefield?

  Clara barton Was Known as the " Angel of the Battlefield ". Hope I Helped :-)
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Battlefield Vietnam CD keys?

Use various torrenting websites such as Pirate bay or IsoHunt, you may find key generators usually packaged with the torrented game.
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Why is battlefield 3 so good?

Because It Was Made That Way, You Are Allowed To Ride In Vehicles, And When You Kill Someone The XP Thing That Says +100 Is Way Cooler
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What were the battlefield conditions like in Vietnam?

  South Vietnam had two types of climates; the southern portion of SOUTH Vietnam was swampy with high humidity. The central portion of SOUTH Vietnam was called the "Centra (MORE)

When does battlefield 4 come out?

Battlefield 4 was released on Microsoft Windows,  PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 29 October 2013 for North America, 31  October for Australia, 1 November for New Zealand and (MORE)

What is the definition of a Fluid Battlefield?

Described by Sun Tzu, "Just as water retains  no shape, So in warfare there are no constant conditions."  When acting in a fluid battlefield, warriors  need to be prepared (MORE)