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Who were the Beatles?

The Beatles were the most amazing rock band ever(and yes that is a fact) from Liverpool, England and are the most critically acclaimed recording act in the history of popular (MORE)

What films did the Beatles star in?

The Beatles made two movies, A Hard Day's Night in 1964 and Help! in 1965, both starring well-known English actors, and neither of which were award-winning cinematic classics, (MORE)

How many films did The Beatles make?

The Beatles made two movies, "A Hard Day's Night" in 1964 and "Help!" in 1965, both starring well known English actors, and neither of which were award winning cinematic class (MORE)

What did The Beatles do?

Become one of the most popular bands ever and make some of the best and most well known songs in the history of music.
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Who was the leader of The Beatles?

John Lennon was the nominal leader of the Beatles, but the group was a democracy. If any one member objected strongly to an idea, they usually didn't carry it out.  Lennon ca (MORE)

What film did The Beatles make for television?

They made 5 films - A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be. Magical Mystery Tour was the one made for television. Let It Be was planne (MORE)

What did McCartney do after The Beatles?

Paul McCartney formed a new group after the Beatles, which was called Paul McCartney and Wings. They had a long and successful career (not as spectacular as that of the Beatle (MORE)

What was the Beatles' music about?

Overall, most of the Beatles' music was about peace and  love, though some songs were inspired by real events in life  such as the death of John and Paul's mothers (Let it B (MORE)

Who influenced he beatles?

The beatles were influenced by Elvis Presley and other rock stars of the day. One particular influence on Paul McCartney's singing style was Little Richard, who actually sat d (MORE)